About Imperium Acquisition™

We’ve spent the last 7 years perfecting the art of high ticket client acquisition. Here you’ll learn who we help, what we do, our mission & our story.

Who we help

We help  agency owners, coaches, consultants & course creators (basically anyone who sells advice or delivers marketing services). We only work with founders who are up and running with clients (even if it’s just one!). These founders want to get to multi-six & seven figures, but they lack the client acquisition strategies to get there.

What we do

We help these founders make client acquisition easy. We do this by collaborating with them to building a strong sales argument & offer for their company, then by implementing a cocktail of outbound, inbound and paid appointment booking & sales strategies, all of which are automated. Our Program, EasyGrow, aims to maximise automation, appointment flow & sales converstion rates. It aims to minimise complexity, stagnation & stress.

Our beliefs

Our mission is to make client acquisition easy. ‘Easy’ is when a founder can acquire clients with predictability without any involvement in the acquisition process (completely removed).

Results: the only thing that matters.

Fun: love the work, make it fun.

Focus: one thing at a time. Concentrate.

Data: data drives results.

Longevity: think long term.

Excellence: good = bad, great will do.

Our story

Part 1: dropout > apprentice > freelancer

It started back in 2015, when I (Charlie Morgan) dropped out of university. Business school taught me nothing useful, so I turned to an apprenticeship in sales and marketing. The apprenticeship was gruelling: $3.50/hour to cold call 250+ businesses per day, 8 hours a day. I stuck at it and built a portfolio of marketing clients in my spare time, finishing the apprenticeship with a few thousand dollars per month in freelancer retainers.

Part 2: freelancer > agency

After finishing the apprenticeship, I scaled my freelance marketing biz to $10,000/mo in 6 months (using my cold calling skills!). At this point I became an ‘agency’ and partnered with the person who changed everything for me, my current partner, Baudouin Borghans. We combined clients to create Northflow Consulting, a marketing agency serving gyms.

Part 3: scale & automation

From 2016 > 2021, we grew Northflow to 350+ clients in 8 countries, achieving our dream of an automated $100,000/mo business. We went on to hire a team and a manager, to run the agency for us. At this point, we had the ‘dream’ agency - a 7 figure cashflow machine that ran without us and fueled our desired lifestyle. Client acquisition was easy.

Part 4: boredom, the start of something new

We transitioned Northflow to a coaching business, and that’s when the boredom set in. We didn’t have anything left to do - clients did the work & our team ran the show. There was nothing to ‘sink’ our teeth into. That’s when Imperium Acquisition™ was born. Out of boredom, we started giving our client acquisition strategies to friends in the agency and coaching space and it blew up their businesses. We were on to something, something fresh and exciting.

Part 5: 500+ clients in 24 months

Eager to help more people, we started Imperium Agency. It was a coaching business dedicated towards helping agency owners and coaches/consultants with client acquisition. We got really, really bloody good at it. 600+ 5* reviews on trustpilot, loads of clients adding $100k-$500k/year in revenue, 40+ testimonial vids, 60+ client interviews, etc. We sold all our Northflow clients to focus on it, and scaled to 500+ clients between 2021 and end-2022 (going from $0/mo to $500k/mo in 24 months).

Part 6: EasyGrow

We undertook a 12 month period of ‘monk mode’ to record our newest Program, EasyGrow. It’s our ticket to making client acquisition easy for thousands of agency owners, coaches & consultants. Onwards! For the full picture, check out this youtube video I made on our story - (linked here).

To date, we have over 600+ students, hundreds of reviews, thousands of wins, a plethora of video testimonials & client interviews, all of which you can see on our results page - we aren’t slowing down anytime soon! 

Part 7: Imperium Mastermind

After creating EasyGrow & developing a winning blueprint that our clients have at their fingertips, we wanted to go one step further.

In addition to our program, we now also have our very own in-person mastermind where clients from all across the world can meet us & learn from us in-person directly.

These events are designed to help established business owners scale all the way to 8-Figures & beyond, ultimately allowing them to run a business at scale which truly brings them an incredible level of freedom & fulfillment.

It provides that additional intimate & personalized touch required to truly unlock the greater levels of success within business & nothing brings us more joy than being able to do just that.

Contacting us

If you’d like to contact us, it’s help@theimperiumagency.com.

You can follow Charlie Morgan on YouTube here.

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